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Property Management

Property <span>Management</span>

At Grupo Ferran we manage industrial warehouses, corporate offices, commercial premises and hotels with a high yield and surplus value of the properties guarantee, to our investors through monthly income.

Property <span>Management</span>
Trust funds

Trust funds

  • OfficesOffices
  • IndustrialIndustrial
  • MixedMixed


Specialized sites for commercial offices.

We build projects thinking about corporate buildings specific needs; adding diversity in proposals, areas, sizes and designs that give surplus value to each square meter.

We currently have:

  • Fontana

Fontana Center

  • 14 offices
  • 2,472.64 m2 for rent
  • 2 parking levels
  • Lobby
  • Elevator
  • Controlled access to offices
  • CCTV Closed circuit cameras
  • Fire system
  • Common outdoor areas
  • Nearby shopping areas
  • Green areas
  • Emergency stairs
Fontana CenterFontana Center


Create strategically constructed industrial projects, to meet the needs of modern industry. Sustained in extensive market studies.

We seek the best experience for workers, owners and investors, through the optimization of spaces.

In the development of each project we take into account all the specific needs, regulations, logistics and other variables.

This way we guarantee to offer profitable, attractive projects and with greater market acceptance.

We currently have:

  • 4 finished industrial parks
  • More than 60,700 m for rent
Ferran 1


25 Warehouses

25,000 m2

200MM Investment

Ferran 2


1 Warehouse

9,300 m2

140MM Investment

Ferran 3


10 Warehouses

12,500 m2

150MM Investment

Ferran 4


14 Warehouses

11,400 m2

140MM Investment


Offering strategic assets is a decisive factor in the rental of commercial premises.

In addition to the construction of the highest quality, we generate commercial plazas that are the best ally of our tenants.

We currently have:

  • Epicentra
  • Fontana
  • JGP


Shopping Mall

  • 16 Premises starting at 50 m2
  • 2 floors
  • 38 parking spaces (4 spaces for disabled people)

Avid Hotel

  • 5,165 m2 Surface
  • 8 floors
  • 124 rooms
  • Fitness center
  • Business Center

Last mile Warehouse

  • For rent from 250 m2
  • Common loading and unloading area
  • Internal street with controlled access
  • CCTV surveillance
  • 2 PcD drawers in front of premises
  • 11 internal street drawers
  • 1 Internal street PcD drawer
  • 98 Basement drawers, for suppliers and employees

Fontana Square

  • 18 premises
  • 1,962.11 m2 for Rent
Fontana SquareFontana Square


  • Shopping Mall
  • Warehouses
Territorial Reserve

Territorial Reserve

An important Grupo Ferran branch is territorial reserve investment, which by the strategic location and advantages of the properties, expect strong surplus value over time. It can be done through.

Territorial Reserve